Michelin unveils new anti-landmine tyre

Michelin has unveiled a new anti-landmine tyre, a product designed to meet the needs of the French Army and the defense systems manufacturer MBDA.

As a materials specialist with extensive experience in building tyres that perform at very low pressure, Michelin has engineered the anti-landmine tyre to exert less ground pressure than a man’s footfall – when fitted to a vehicle weighing over 7.5 tonnes! Capable of clearing safe pathways through minefields without setting off explosions, the anti-landmine tyre is a major mobility innovation.

With the same level of rigoour, the Michelin Group has reworked its range of all-terrain Truck mobility solutions. Its Michelin X-Force tyres are now available in four different tread designs, including the new fuel-efficient XZL2 version.

Available in sizes ranging from 16 to 21 inches, the Michelin X-Force lineup has also been extended to include specific sizes for machines such as the German-Dutch Boxer and French VBCI armored fighting vehicles. In addition to these military applications, the Michelin X-Force tire range brings the same level of all-terrain mobility performance to the leisure, emergency services and competition truck tyre segments.

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