What is the EU Tyre Label?

All you need to know

On 1st November 2012 the new EU Tyre Labelling legislation came into effect in Ireland. All new car, 4x4, SUV, van and most truck tyres manufactured after 1st July 2012 will carry a new ‘tyre label’ which is similar to the energy information labels that appear on electical appliances.

What to look for

The new EU tyre label provides important information about safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. Similar to the energy label found on kitchen appliances, the EU tyre label makes it easy to compare tyres in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.

- Fuel Efficiency - How economic is this tyre?

- Wet Grip - How quickly can the tyre stop in wet conditions?

- Exterior Noise - How noisy is the tyre?


Fuel Consumption (Rolling Resistance)
Is it good on fuel?

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘Resistance’. We are not talking about how well you can stand up to the invaders. We are talking about poor quality tyres causing more friction and resistance on road surfaces and as such making the cars engine have to work harder to cover the same distance. As such, an engine working harder consumes more fuel which means more trips to the petrol station for you!


Wet Weather Grip
Will it stop when I need to?

Just as colder countries are more concerned with winter tyres, in Ireland we should ask about how our tyres will perform in wet conditions.  Stopping distance is greatly increased in lesser quality tyres, even if those same tyres have the required thread depth. We have all experienced the need to break suddenly while driving – a good tyre will instil confidence and ensure that you stop when you need to.


Road Noise
How noisy is it?

Many people have long daily commutes and the constant drum of loud tyres can get on your nerves and become distracting for the driver and occupants. Some tyres are louder than others and there will be a new EU wide tyre standard label that will be appearing on new tyres from November this year. Road Noise is one of the standards that this label will measure.