Semperit teams with Maxol on road safety


Semperit is putting the focus on tyre safety this winter with a programme of “on street” activity at Maxol stations across the country.

The company has partnered with Maxol and local tyre dealers to provide a programme of free tyre checks at selected Maxol outlets. Manned by expert tyre fitters, the tyre safety promotion gives customers of Maxol the opportunity to have their tyres checked in relation to tread depth; tyre pressure; and an overall check of the tyres’ roadworthiness.

Brian and Eoin Farrell of Tyre and Service Superstore participating in the Semperit Maxol Tyre Safety Promotion at the Maxol garage on Walkinstown Avenue, Dublin.

The customer is then provided with a credit-card sized summary of their tyre information which can be kept in a wallet or in the car. Once shown how to carry out the tyre checks, motorists are then advised to carry out the checks on a weekly basis.

Paddy Murphy of Semperit Tyres Ireland said: “In cooperation with Maxol and our tyre dealer customers, we are delighted to be offering tyre checks at Maxol outlets. It is a great way of showing motorists the importance of tyre care and demonstrating how easy it is to carry out a weekly tyre check and that is all the more important as the weather turns more wintry”.

Fergal Harrington, Group Brand Development Manager of Maxol Ireland said: “Vehicle safety is hugely important for us in Maxol and we are happy to facilitate this extra safety-focused service for our customers. We are calling on our customers to take advantage of the free safety checks so they can be certain that their tyres are roadworthy this winter”.

Often neglected by motorists, tyres are an important part of the road safety equation. They are a car’s only contact with the road and their condition can determine whether a car can come to a safe stop and thus avoid a collision. This is particularly true on wet and icy winter roads when stopping distances can be greatly increased.

Tread depth determines the road-holding ability of tyres and most manufacturers recommend that once tread depth reaches 3mm or less, motorists should start thinking of replacing their tyres as the performance of the tyre is seriously affected as tread depth decreases. The legal tread depth is 1.6mm which means that once tread depth has worn below that level, the car is running on illegal tyres. Independent tyre tests have shown that cars running on tyres with a tread depth of 1.6mm or lower are a serious road safety hazard.

The Semperit Maxol tyre safety promotion is running at selected outlets over the coming months.

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