Goodyear high performance all season and winter tyres win press accolades

The increasing popularity of both all season and winter tyres as the choice for drivers of high performance cars and SUVs, is reflected by the ever widening range of such tyres available from Goodyear. The positive results from independent tyre tests carried out by leading magazines reinforces the manufacturer’s claims regarding the performance these tyres offer.


The latest test results from Auto Express magazine see the winner’s crown placed on the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2. The magazine stated that the tyre is, “A fine all-rounder that’s really safe in wet and on snow.”

This was the second All Season Tyre Test organised by Auto Express. The all-round performance test compared tyres from several manufacturers including Michelin with its CrossClimate and Nokian’s Weatherproof tyre. The Goodyear tyre performed best overall in the tests that were run in wet, dry and snow conditions, and included measuring rolling resistance and cabin noise.

The tyre performed exceptionally well in the disciplines of wet braking (1st), wet handling (1st), snow handling (1st) and cabin noise (1st) as well as snow braking (2nd), straight aqua (2nd) and rolling resistance (2nd). Goodyear shone in the wet disciplines stopping a massive two meters better than the 2nd place Nokian tyre in the wet braking test.

“The numbers of drivers fitting winter tyres to their cars is steadily increasing,” said Emmett Sheridan, Sales Director, Goodyear Dunlop Ireland. “Magazine road tests are an important source of information on these tyres because often drivers buy complete sets of tyres rather than just replacing existing tyres that need replacing.”


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