Goodyear focuses on improving road safety for novice drivers

Goodyear Europe has launched the findings of a new research project it has undertaken with the European Driving Schools Association (EFA). Alongside the research, Goodyear EMEA has published a Road Safety White Paper – “Driving Safety First: Improving Road Safety For Novice Drivers”. The White Paper was introduced and discussed at a panel debate of the European Transport Safety Council in Brussels today.

The project focuses on the attitudes of Europe’s driving instructors to road safety of young drivers. The research builds on Goodyear’s existing research into road safety of novice drivers and will inform recommendations to policy makers, road safety stakeholders and the motor industry to improve road safety for novice drivers.

This research is Goodyear’s fourth annual road safety survey and the first to focus on the role of driver training. For the second year running Goodyear EMEA is working closely with EFA, the Europe-wide association for driving instructors and driving schools. Underpinning the research is a new survey of 2334 driving instructors in the EU as well as representative samples in Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

The survey is first of its kind collecting the opinions of driving instructors at such a scale and picks up some interesting findings, such as the crucial role parents play in developing young people’s driving habits and the huge differences in driver training across the markets.

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