Fund announced to tackle illegal tyre dumping

Local authorities have estimated that there are over 750,000 waste tyres dumped illegally in different locations around the country.

The figure was compiled by authorities who are often left to deal with the removal of piles of dumped tyres.

Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Denis Naughten is making a fund of  €1m available to local authorities to remove stockpiles of waste tyres that blight the Irish countryside. 

The fund comes ahead of new regulations due to come into effect on 1 October which will require all retailers to sign up to one company, Repak ELT, which will in turn dispose of the tyres responsibly, sending them to recycling plants including one in Drogheda where they will be turned into a range of useful products including fuel and playground mats. 

Sligo County Council is one local authority which will be availing of the scheme.

Waste Enforcement Officer Pete Murtagh says they will use it to dispose of stockpiles of tyres gathered from different locations where they have been dumped in the county by people trying to cut corners and save money.

He says the new regulations should reduce the incidence of  waste tyre dumping.

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