Continental launches new low profile tyre

More stringent checks to ensure compliance with the permitted overall height of volume transports pose significant challenges for transport companies and demand new vehicle concepts.The Conti EcoPlus HD3 is the German premium tyre manufacturer's first drive axle tyre developed exclusively for low-liners. This 315/45 R 22.5 tyre is specially designed for the requirements of the volume transport segment and despite its low diameter is suitable for axle loads of 11.6 tons in dual fitment. The incorporation of the latest technology makes this low profile tyre the lowest in its class, enabling the best possible use to be made of the 3-metre internal load height of the trailer without exceeding the maximum permitted total height.

The maximum legal exterior height of four metres is a continual problem for fleet operators. The use of conventional truck tyres such as the 60 series does not allow the internal load height to be fully utilized, without exceeding the maximum permitted overall height. The new Conti EcoPlus HD3 315/45 is designed specifically for the drive axle of low-liners. With a diameter of just 852 millimeters, it lowers the fifth-wheel height of the towing vehicle to ensure that the permitted external height is not exceeded. To develop the tyre, Continental worked closely with truck and trailer manufactures who modified their vehicle concepts as a whole.

The Conti EcoPlus HD3 315/45 has a much lower diameter than a comparable 60s series tyre. In twin fitment, this tyre is still suitable for an axle load of 11.6 tons because the belt ply was constructed using 0? technology. To achieve narrower sidewalls for this low-profile tyr, a special carcass cord was used. This highly stable but very flexible material enables the casing to easily withstand localized high bending loads.

The low tyre diameter also presents a special challenge to the rubber compound for the tread. Due to their lower rolling circumference, low profile tyres naturally have a lower wear volume. The new rubber compound of the Conti EcoPlus HD3 315/45 guarantees optimum tread wear with low rolling resistance.

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