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Almost 60% of Irish drivers are unprepared should their car break down with basic recommended car emergency items such as first aid kits, jump leads and tow ropes nowhere to be found.

Motor safety research commissioned by Liberty Insurance revealed that males were only marginally better prepared than their female counterparts for a car breakdown. However, when it comes to having a tow rope in their car more men (67%) claim to carry one compared to just 20% of females. *Less than one in two Irish drivers carry jump leads in their car (47%) *and first aid kits are also not common, carried by only 43% of Irish drivers.

Despite the recent weather and hour change meaning colder and darker evenings, almost half of Irish drivers have not checked their tyre pressure in the last month and 65% admitted to not having a high visibility jacket in their car *which is highly recommended in the event of a roadside breakdown

The Liberty Insurance findings did however highlight that car servicing is an investment Irish drivers are willing to make, with almost 8 in 10 confirming their car had been serviced within the last year and the same number also claim to have checked their car’s oil level in the same period.

More than twice as many males versus females have ever changed a tyre (93% versus 44%) *and it seems the older generation are more experienced in this area since 80% of 55 year olds and over admit to having changed a tyre in comparison to 54% of drivers aged 24 and under.

Thankfully for Irish drivers, Liberty Insurance offers a comprehensive car insurance policy that includes a range of benefits as standard such as free 24 hour breakdown assistance and home start, for those days when your car won’t start.

As part of their research, Liberty Insurance also asked drivers at what stage would they trade in their vehicle and over a third (35%) admitted to changing their car after 3-5 years. Interestingly it’s the younger drivers who would be most keen to update their car with 39% of drivers aged 24 and under saying they would do so in two years or less. *15% of respondents would drive their car until it breaks down beyond repair and this figure increases to 27% among Irish driver ages 45-54 years old.

John McDonagh, Head of Consumer Business and Marketing Liberty Insurance, said, *”It’s reassuring to know that Irish people do take care of their cars with regular service checks but with the onset of winter it is important to be prepared in the event of a breakdown and this is an area where we Irish drivers fall short. Great car cover is reassurance for any driver no matter their age or vehicle they’re driving and at Liberty we have developed a motor insurance offer that can really deliver peace of mind 24/7.”*

The research commissioned by Liberty Insurance and conducted by Millward Brown Lansdowne was representative of the total Irish population aged 17+ who own or have access to a vehicle.


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